FANIMAT nanoshape

Manufacturing and process optimiedd shaping of nanoscaled functional ceramic oxide powders. Focos D: Development and manufacturing of dielectric and ferritic mulilayer modules made from nanoscaled LTCC foils.


Focus of this project is the development of an embossing technology to be integrated into the LTCC manufacturing line. The embossed structures   together   with   screen     printed

conductors are intended to provide a high cross section wiring for high currency together with new ferrite  LTCC materials for high inductivity.
Lead time:  01.08.2005 – 31.07.2008
Micro-Hybrid, Tridelta, Hermsdorfer Institut für Technische Keramik, Fachhochschule Jena
European Partners: Thales, Temex,
Innovative regional Growth Cores
Project sponsor: PT Jülich
Parts of the work are carried out in the frame of the Eureka Cluster PIDEA in
the project PACIFIC BOAT
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