FANIMAT nanograde

Infiltration and cofiring of nanodispers films with gradient  functionality. Focus E: Development and manufacturing of embossed optical LTCC surfaces as gradient nanodisperse films.


Focus of this project is the development of an embossing technology to be integrated into the LTCC manufacturing line. The embossed structures together with screen printed conductors   are   intended   to  provide a   high

cross section wiring for high currency together with new ferrite  LTCC materials for high inductivity.

Lead time:
01.08.2005 – 31.07.2008  
Lust Hybrid Technik, Mathys Orthopädie, Siegert TFT, Inocermic, Fraunhofer Institut Angewandter Optik und Feinmechanik
Innovative regional Growth Cores
Project sponsor:
PT Jülich
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